Intro to Life

I’ve always thought, probably conceitedly, that my rambling thoughts and perspectives would be worth sharing with the world. Here’s my attempt to put that theory to the test. This blog is to document things that interest me and engage me in my day-to-day, so that some time in the future I might look back and remember things as they were. Here’s hoping that when I look back, the thoughts that cross my mind are, “As a young man, I wrote adequately well and it’s not surprising that I was able to achieve what little success I have in life.” and not, “Oh dear God. How on earth was this person able to dress himself in the morning?!?”

So I just created this blog, and I’ve spent the last few hours fiddling around trying to set things up in some sort of order. I’m making random starter posts in some categories just to give a sense of what I hope to blog about. As I develop more entries, there should be better quality and consistency in my entries.



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