Results of Official Guide Diagnostic Test

Just did a diagnostic test from the Official Review Guide, to see where I stand. The diagnostic is intended to highlight weak areas and help you craft a study plan to improve on weaknesses. Here are my diagnostic results:


Problem Solving – 16/24

Data Sufficiency – 20/24


Reading Comprehension – 17/17

Critical Reasoning – 15/17

Sentence Correction – 17/18

Basically all the results are in the “Excellent” range, with the exception of Problem Solving. Surprising, I know; my quantitative skills are weaker than my verbal skills despite my undergrad degree being in mathematics. The first caveat here is that I rushed the math section, not knowing how I would fare on timing. This was really not needed as I finished well under 75 minutes. The second, and more important, grain of salt with these results is that I was not aware I would be able to write things down as I went. I recalled reading somewhere that you had to do everything in your head during the GMATs, so I attempted to do just that.

As you can see in this helpful blog post here, you are given a notepad and marker on which to perform rough work.

So I’m not really panicking about my quant results, and I’ll reserve judgement until after I do the first practice test. Lesson here kids: Don’t make assumptions about rules, always check.


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