How to Lose a Life

Sooo I’m beginning to panic a little bit. It’s starting to set in slowly as I realize that I might be taking on too much. More than I can handle. In the past I have done this a few times, and the end consequence is that I don’t do everything as well as I would have liked. I take on too many extracurriculars, watch too much TV, read one too many books, go out to one too many parties, and take one too many naps, resulting in my grades suffering. It’s always the grades that suffer of course, because studying was always the least interesting thing to do for me, especially considering that most of my school work related to accounting.

At least in the past, I managed to get through everything with minimal damage. Now I find myself wondering if I’ve really taken on more than I can handle. Here is a list of my commitments:

  1. GMAT studying – about 15 hours a week
  2. class time – 12 hours a week
  3. preparation time for class/studying (assignments etc.) – 15-20 hours a week (who am I kidding, this is gonna be all assignments and tests… I never prep for class…)
  4. Meals & daily chores – 20 hours a week (laundry + cleaning etc. included)
  5. Social engagements (family gatherings, birthday dinners, parties etc.) – 6-8 hours a week (conservatively)
  6. travel time (for when I go back home to visit family or commuting to and from school) – 6-8 hours a week on average
  7. Entrepreneurial ventures – 20 hours a week (target… this might take a hit based on other things)
  8. physical activity (intramurals/pickup) – 5-6 hours a week
That leaves about 60-65 hours a week to rest, including sleep time.  But then of course, I haven’t included any of my UFE prep courses. For those unaware, the UFE is the Uniform Final Examination to qualify for the Chartered Accountant designation in Canada. Writing the UFE is the last step for me in getting my CA designation, so I’m going for it. I’ve got training sessions on how to write the exam every week or so, sometimes just 2-3 hours a week, and some times for 20-25 hours a week. Soooo.. given the commitments above, something’s gotta give. I’m beginning to panic a little bit…

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