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Today I Learned: of the Existence of the Lakeshore Stranglas…

Let’s take a break from all these GMAT posts…

TIL: There is (was?) a Canadian rap group named The Lakeshore Stranglas. Members of the group included Toronto-based MCs Chuggo, 2Gats, White Fang, Black Male, Ritz Nabisko and Koshur. And what a highly creative bunch this is.

I wasn’t able to find a proper song by the Stranglas as a crew, but I did find individual efforts by Chuggo and Ritz Nabisko.

Excerpt of lyrics from Chuggo’s “Come on F*kin Guy”:

Chuggo:               (chorus)

When I step in the place, throw your hands in the sky

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, c’mon f*kin’ guy

These girls can’t have me and it makes them f*kin’ cry

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, c’mon f*kin’ guy

(chorus continues on like this..)

(excerpt from a verse)

See that kid stealin’? (yeah!) That was a thief

See them dudes behind him? (yeah!) That’s the police

See this d*ck right here? (what?) That’s my release

And when I get out, I’m comin’ back with a beef

Link to a Ritz Nabisko effort:

This is what I imagine Vogon poetry would sound like in rap form.


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