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All Around the World, We can Make Time…

… rompin’ and stompin’ cuz I’m in my prime.

I’ve come up with a travel bucket list, inspired by a conversation with a good friend (you know who you are!). The list includes places/events I would like to visit in the next 7-8 years, and when I hope to travel to each place.

  1. London (+Europe?) 2012 – maybe swing by a couple of other European destinations for 2 weeks or so before heading to London to catch a part of the Olympic action.
  2. Korea/Japan/Thailand/Vietnam 2013 – This might be a bit too much to see in a few weeks, but could be doable.
  3. Rio/Bolivia 2014 – Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia after World Cup action, cross two things off the list in one trip. If there’s time, maybe some exploratory trips in the Andes or the Grand Sabana in Venezuela.
  4. North America – mini trips over the years. Need to see New York, Chicago, Vancouver and Miami. Other potential places to visit include Boston, Washington D.C., L.A., San Fran, and Seattle. I know I’ll be visiting family in Portland at some point, so I could probably arrange some of these trips around those visits.
  5. India – visiting family/friends every so often.
  6. Africa – shouldn’t really be mentioned in the same breath as others because it wouldn’t be a vacation. I want to visit on a volunteer trip, perhaps even for an extended secondment/service with a volunteer organization, ┬ásomething I’ve wanted to do for years, but always had things preventing me from pursuing.

I should print this and post it above my desk to make sure it happens now. Cuz life is beautiful around the world.


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