Raptors Summer To-Do List

  1. Resolve GM situation – I’ve gone back and forth on Colangelo as the GM going forward, and I’m not sure how I feel one way or another. Regardless, figure it out and either extend him or fire him. I might consider extending him for 2-3 years to see what he can do to rebuild.
  2. Fire Jay Triano – some say he did a good job developing Demar DeRozan and Ed Davis. I tend to agree, but if you’re looking forward to building a contender, you need a coach who holds people accountable, preaches defense, and can hold his own strategically in games with the Pops and Thibs of the world. Triano is not such a coach.
  3. Trade Bargnani – there is no room for him on a developing team where he is a defensive liability. He might do well as a sixth man on the Lakers or the Bulls, but as a focal point he is no good. Trade him to Sacramento or Minnesota, if they’ll take him, for draft picks, cash and whatever else you can get.
  4. Draft wisely – self-explanatory. There are different views on whom they should draft. I’ll save this for another post closer to draft day.
  5. Plug remaining holes on roster – small forward, point guard, centre. Can be done through trades and draft, but obviously not all of this can be done in one summer. Be patient, see what you can get done now, and if not much presents itself, wait and develop current players. Untouchables: DeRozan and Davis, not because they are destined for superstardom, but because they are hard workers and have potential.
I will post other thoughts on the NBA in general, including the playoffs.

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